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Account Terms

  1. By using this Site, you affirm that you are at least 13 years of age or an emancipated minor. You agree that you are competent to enter into the terms and conditions set forth in these terms of service and comply and abide by them.
  2. You acknowledge that your password and if activated, your API key are not to be shared with third parties. PromoSM will never contact you directly to request this information.
  3.  You agree to not use our services for any illegal activities. 
  4. Breaking these terms of use may void your warranty and result in your account being suspended.


PromoSM will aim to swiftly resolve any issues that may arise during the ordering process. However, since many of our services start instantly upon the order being placed, and the nature of providing digital services, refunds and cancellations are now always possible. By ordering, you agree that failing to abide by the following rules may void your guarantee.

  1. You agree to read the instructions on the new order page before placing your first order.
  2. Double check your orders before placing them. You must check that your link is working correctly. When possible, to avoid errors, copy and paste your link rather than writing it manually.
  3. Your page or post must be public before you place your order. Your likes, views, followers or subscribers must be visible. If you set your page to private before or during your order being delivered, your order may be marked as completed early and your guarantee will be revoked.  
  4. You acknowledge that deleting your post or page will void your guarantee.


  1. No refunds are issued providing that the site is fully functional and the service is delivered as specified.
  2. We are unable to reverse credit back to your payment gateway or bank card.