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  • Pending – Your order is pending and will start shortly. 
  • In progress / Processing – Your order has been accepted and is on the way to being completed.
  • Completed – The work on your post / page is now complete.
  • Cancelled / Refunded – Your order is no longer running. Your funds have been automatically returned to your available balance.
  • Partial – Your order was partially delivered, and you have been automatically refunded for what was remaining. This can happen if the service you ordered is temporarily unavailable or there was an error delivering your order. 

The main reason for orders failing is due to using an incorrect link. Please check the example link format on the new order page or contact support if you require assistance. 

The second most common reason is if the page or posts statistics are set to private. For example, if your “like count” is private, we may be unable to deliver the order and it will be automatically cancelled.

Other reasons for cancelation include:

    • Your content violates the social media platforms terms / conditions.
    • You already have an order for the same link / service in progress.
    • Your follower, like or view count has dropped below your orders start counter.
    • The service is temporarily overloaded / under maintenance. In this case, please try and resubmit the order at a later date.

You can see an example link for each service on the new order page. The link should point towards the post or page that will be promoted. For example, if you are ordering Instagram followers, enter your Instagram page link. Alternatively, if you are ordering Instagram likes, you should enter the link of the post you want to promote. 

Need assistance?

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